Catching the best ideas for business


Sharing ideas that make you think or make you laugh.



Counter to tradition.

Sometimes the best marketing ideas are simple, inexpensive and run counter to tradition.


"Shaun Clancy, owner of Foley's NY Pub & Restaurant take on marketing his business made him a local legend when he banned the singing of "Danny Boy" for all of March 2008, especially on St. Patrick's Day, because he said it was one of the most depressing songs ever written."

Newspapers and radio stations worldwide immediately picked up the story, and most impressively, Clancy was singled out and roasted by satirist and late night talk show icon Stephen Colbert."

"Nice results for a local business."                                                                                   from



Customers make the best sales people.

Closing in on some big sales?  The best possible endorsement will come from an existing happy customer.


So, try this.  Arrange for the happy customer to tell their story on an open conference call.  Invite the prospects to listen in and ask questions.  The positive energy and honest answers that emerge will inspire confidence and help to close business.


Share your ideas and watch them grow.

One of the great things about great ideas is how they get better when they are shared.  In a recent article posted to LinkedIn, Leah Busque notes several big ideas that only became big after they were shared.  So let's hear yours!


Imagination. Humor. Photoshop or Carpentry shop?















Earth Day is Every Day

Don't be complacent about it.  We all inhabit this orb.  On the other hand, the number of people concerned for improving the environment has dropped from 63% in 1971, when Earth Day started, to only 39% today.  So we need to do more than recycle, reuse, repurpose and reduce.  We need to rethink.  Then convince a friend to do it too.